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Gagi Petrovic is a composer, performer and teacher of music. As a musician he mainly works in performative settings, such as concerts and contemporary dance/theatre. He’s also an occasional singer-songwriter and (digital) instrument builder. 

He composes pieces that are between acoustic and electronic; between intense and intimate, odd and familiar. This usually results in something that balances between contemporary music, digital electronics and alternative pop. Chasing down just one artistic identity never came natural to him. 

He has a special interest in how music moves us both physically and mentally; how our emotions and rational thoughts are delicately intertwined and both influence our daily activities and decisions. Music enables us to reflect, escape or even question a particular sense of reality and with that: open up our minds.

OVERCOME will be a poetic manifest on reviewing senses of identity, in the form of music.

The concept of identity gets idolized, politicalized and heavily capitalized (see political campaigns and advertisement). But at what cost? 

What remains of a person if you take away those ideas that fill the mind with judgements on who someone is, what someone needs to have, or worse: must be? What if that someone is a society, or better: a music?


This collaboration aims to build up to a full 60-minute performance and to be premiered it in 2020.


First try-out:

Gaudeamus Sessies #23

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