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Started on the harpsichord, decided to stick with it. At 12, it's about as much of a strange choice as you can make. It worked. Rebel, Rebel...
Rock and metal bands came later and stuck around. So did my bass.
I am in Amsterdam, specializing in contemporary music but playing just about everything.
I like singing, but they usually don't let me do it.

Harpsichord, Keys, Electric Bass, Voice


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I started playing electric guitar in alternative rock bands. Gradually I became a composer (a serious one!)-just joking. I still play the guitar! I’m a composer devoted to electroacoustic and multimedia music, working regularly with soloists and ensembles,devoting part of my musical activity to improvisation and interactive performances with electronic and multimedia. I think new means of creating/performing music, are the most communicative for new audiences.

Composition, Electronics, Video


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The youngest member of Trash Panda and also the only one who can play drums while wearing sunglasses.

A graduate of ESMAE-Porto and CvA, João is active as a member of Drumming-GP as well as an orchestra musician and concert soloist.

He enjoys long walks by the beach and playing football.



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I wanted to be a drummer but ended up as, primarily, a baritone saxophonist. Then I thought, why shouldn’t I be a conductor, so I did just that.

My main focus lies with performing, arranging, and composing contemporary music within a non-conforming context.

Saxophones, Electronics


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I just wanted to play "Atraente". Then they told me I first had to learn my scales. After that came the Wye, the Kohler, the Moyse, years passed and I never got to play the piece. Realizing I had forgotten about the reason I was doing music, I set out to discover what made me tick. Through that search I discovered electronics. That, combined with the wish to create, to cooperate with other arts, to develop a new way to be on stage, has now become the driving force of my musical journey.

Flutes, Electronics, Video


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