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Igor C Silva is a Porto-born, but Amsterdam-based composer devoted to electronics and new media music. A recent graduate of the Amsterdam Conservatory, he composes expansive multimedia works in which performers, computers, psychedelia, noise and improvisation come together to create breathtaking sensory experiences.

At Rewire 2017, Igor C Silva and a condensed four piece delegation of the Trash Panda Collective, featuring a flute, saxophone, electric bass and percussion, perform two of Igor C Silva’s unique works, ‘Smart Alienation’ and ‘Your Trash’.

This concert is made possible through a co-production between Gaudeamus Muziekweek and Rewire.


Static on my fingers - for a group of improvisers, electronics and video

Numb - for baritone saxophone and electronics

Your Trash -  for percussion, electronics and video

Plastic Air - flexible duo, electronics and video

Smart-alienation - for small flexible ensemble, electronics and video


Rewire Festival 2017

Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2017

Sounds of Music Groningen 2017

Festival Música Viva 2018

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